HVAC Repair


We'll help find ways to make your furnace, air conditioning unit, ductless mini-splits , heat pumps, air handlers and boilers work at peak efficiency. HVAC systems less than 7 years old may only need repair ASAP Heating & Air Conditioning will identify the problem and determine a solution that best fits your need.

When you call for a repair, you may expedite the process by having the answers or review this list of questions. You could end up saving time and money.
How old is your existing system?
Is your system currently working?
What is the specific problem?
How long have you experienced this problem?
If the unit is located in a closet or an attic, or is blocked by a piece of furniture, do your best to have the unit easily accessible to the dealer.
Make a quick inventory list of where all the units in your system are located-including indoor unit, outdoor unit, circuit breaker, utility meter etc.
Obtain the model numbers of all your cooling and heating units.
Know basic information about your problem: what symptoms have been going on, what seems to trigger the problem, how long ago your problem began, etc.
When was the last time you changed your air filter?
If evidence shows that your air conditioner or heat pump is frozen, switch it off prior to the technician's arrival so it may be serviced properly.
Is your unit gas or electric?
When was the last time your system was serviced?
Does your unit have a lengthy repair history?

Our technicians will confirm an appointment prior to arrival. Please have a phone easily accessible.
We can address any issues you are having with repair or replacement. By doing what it takes to ensure each customer's complete satisfaction, ASAP Heating & Air Conditioning is welcome in more homes in Alpharetta, Roswell, Duluth, Dunwoody and Atlanta than any other contractor.
In fact, often times, our new units will pay for themselves in just a few years. Energy technology has reached new levels of efficiency and your gas and electric bills should reflect that!
We perform free in-home energy consultations and are always happy to provide our advice and a price quote for the recommendations.